Icon of St. Silouan the Athonite Glory be to the Lord and His compassion - He loveth us greatly, and giveth us His peace and the grace of the Holy Spirit.St. Silouan the Athonite
Troparion for St. Silouan

By prayer thou didst receive Christ for thy teacher in the way of humility, and the Spirit bore witness to salvation in thy heart. Wherefore all peoples called unto hope, rejoice in this day of thy memorial, O sacred Father Silouan. Pray unto Christ our God for the salvation of our souls.

Excerpts from St. Silouan the Athonite

Archimandrite Sophrony's book, St. Silouan the Athonite, provides a very detailed description of the life of St. Silouan, including many brief texts written by St. Silouan. Some of Archimandrite Sophrony's biographical texts provide valuable insights into the spiritual teachings of St. Silouan, especially of the phrase "Keep thy mind in hell, and despair not". The texts at the links in the brief summaries below highlight St. Silouan's spiritual experiences and teachings.

  1. While still a novice at the monastery on Mt. Athos, St. Silouan had a direct experience of the presence of Christ, a unique experience that stimulated his spiritual growth.
  2. However, even after this unique and overwhelming experience, St. Silouan still experienced spiritual struggles and discouragement, until 15 years after the vision of Christ, he received the important lesson, "Keep thy mind in hell, and despair not".
  3. Archimandrite Sophrony explains how this teaching warns against pride, and he also teaches more about what it is to truly know Christ.
  4. Another passage by Archimandrite Sophrony further clarifies the dangers of pride, and explains what the monks teach about spiritual experience and why they find it important to keep the mind "in hell".